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Pat Donohue at Mama's Coffeehouse March 19th

March 19 - Pat Donohue

MAMA's is very happy to have
Pat Donohue grace our stage once more. Pat is a self-taught fingerstyle guitarist whose musical career includes eight recordings, several performance awards and concert appearances around the world.  248-647-2380

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  • I hear great things about this guy. Maybe we should think about booking him som...more
    - [Mark]

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Billy McLaughlin in Concert


 Billy McLaughlin
 in Concert.
 November 12th

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Michael Gulezian in Concert at the Trinity House

The Trinity House Theatre and the Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society are joining together to present an evening with Michael Gulezian, Friday April 1, 2005, on the intimate Trinity House Theatre stage.

You may not recognize him by name but Michael Gulezian (gu-LAY-ze-in) is one of the most highly acclaimed solo acoustic instrumental guitarists of our time. He is a phenomenal technical guitarist with the rare ability to transcend his own virtuosity, creating music that moves people.

We are excited to partner with the Trinity House in Livonia to present this fine show.
More Info:
Click Here

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Fall 2005 Concerts

We are pleased to announce the following acts for the Fall 2005 season:

Sept 17         Muriel Anderson

Oct 8            Laurence Juber

Nov 12         Billy McLaughlin

December 10        Don Ross

Workshops with the artists will be available on a first come first serve basis, with preference to Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society Members in good standing. This is a great chance to learn up close how your guitar hero does what he or she does.

As always, concerts will be presented at:

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  • Leo Kotke will be appearing at the Ark in Ann Arbor on February 13 and 14th. Ju...more
    - [Merv Collins]
  • Kaki King will be appearing at the Ark in Ann Arbor on February 26th.
    - [Merv Collins]
  • Merv, thanks for the info. It's been added to the calandar.
    - [Jeb McIntyre]

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Alumni FingerStyle Guitar Artists


Our alumni represent some of the finest guitarists in the world today. Every concert has been extraordinary, and we urge our community to visit our artists’ sites, subscribe to their e-mail lists, attend their concerts, purchase their albums and generally support them.


Don Ross
Ed Gerhard - 
Al Petteway and Amy White -
Stephen Bennett
Alex Degrassi  -
Lawrence Juber -
Muriel Anderson -
Pierre Bensusan -
Preston Reed -
Richard Smith -

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