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Important Updates from MFGS


Dear Friends of MFGS

We have several very important updates for this weekend. First and foremost, if you are receiving this email you are a supporter of MFGS and our mission of bringing world class fingerstyle guitarists to Southeast Michigan. MFGS is a 501(3) (C) non- profit organization and one of our long standing patrons has made a generous donation to sponsor this weekend's show.

We want to extend a special invitation for you and invite you to attend one of our concerts @ Callahan's.  We are offering tickets to this Saturday's show to members of our mailing list for $5.  In order to determine how many other tickets to sell we are asking that you go on line, on our website  to Vendini, where it says (click here for tickets) or call 248-953-6223 

For those who have already purchased tickets already online we will refund you the difference at the door or just bring a few friends with you and they can get in free. Remember that Callahan's opens at 6pm and has a dinner menu. We hope to see you there.  You will not be disappointed, we have an amazing show set up for you.  

CandyRat records artist Stefano Barone will be performing with special guest Glenn Poorman.  You can sample their music on our home page 

Stefano Barone is a guitarist from Italy who also is a member of the Italian Guitar Trio Guitar Republic. Barone is on the cutting edge of the electro-acoustic movement in Fingerstyle Guitar and is touring the country with the CandyRat Records Tour  The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society was chosen as the take off point for this tour. 

Glenn Poorman is a regional musician who has taken up with the Chapman Stick.  Glenn opened for California Guitar Trio here in September and also when Bert Lams performed with Tom Griesgraber (another Stick Performer) last year.  This will be a remarkable show.

 Barone is currently teaching a Master Class for John Stropes who is the director of Guitar Studies at the Peck School of the Arts in Wisconsin. Stropes is the one who transcribed  tabs for Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke.  Now that's a task!

Stefano will be teaching a guitar workshop Saturday from 3pm to 5pm.  Information on the workshop is on our website.  The cost of the workshop is $40. Stefano has agreed to give all workshop attendees one of his CDs and a free ticket to the show.  Can't beat that!

Call 248-646-4030 for reservations to the workshop.

Callahan's has dinner and drinks so get their early for great seats.

 Concert Tickets only $5 for MFGS Patrons

And finally if you didn't get the chance to complete our Survey we are accepting responses this week for a chance to win one of 10 guitar CDs with the help of Rob Polands Candyrat Records.  Email us at

Michigan Luthier, Jim Howard will be presenting some his fabulous guitars at the show.  His info is also on our home page.

Upcoming Events - Save the dates

Sunday May 1st 4pm - 7pm, a Picking Party with MFGS's Dave Pierson at Shelest Music Studio in Saint Clair Shores.

Tuesday May 3rd - the Saint Columban Concert Series in Birmingham Michigan featuring 6 amazing Michigan Guitarists.  Our good friend Nathan Montgomery and  Bob Tye, Dan Mervak, Brett Lucas, Jim Nelson & Sean Blackman.

Call 248 -842-8124 for information on the May 3rd show . 

 The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization    

JB Davies - Rick Haden - Mark Hawks - Jeb McIntyre - Dave Pierson - Ron Stavale



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International Guitar Night - January 29th - Picking Party January 15th



Saturday, January 29th 

International  Guitar Night

comes to Callahan's in Auburn Hills



Callahan's is at 2105 South Blvd, Auburn Hills -  see map and menu

Just 12 miles north of our Ferndale venue 1.5 miles east of Woodward

Tickets for this remarkable event are $25


Tickets on Sale Now !


International Guitar Night is the world’s premier touring guitar festival; innovative masters of the acoustic guitar get together for a special evening to exchange styles and solos.


 Pino Forastiere along with, Brazil’s Alexandre Gismonti, Britan's Clive Carroll and the USA's Brian Gore will share the stage for a truly remarkable night of guitar virtuosity.  They will perform solo pieces and duets.


 What a nice way to start out the New Year.

Come out at 6pm when doors open, grab some great seats and have dinner @ Callahans!

England-native Clive Carroll started playing the banjo at age 2, has released 3 solo albums, and was described by Acoustic Guitar Magazine as 
“probably the best and most original young acoustic guitar player and composer in Britain.”  

Clive and Alexandre play this piece

Son of Brazilian composer/guitarist Egberto Gismonti, Alexandre Gismonti has developed his own distinct musical language, representing his country at music festivals around the world.

Pino Forastiere of Italy received his degree in classical guitar at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome in 1992. In March 2010 he premiered with Guitar Republic, a new acoustic guitar trio in which he performs with Sergio Altamura and Stefano Barone.

Pino and Brian play this piece

Known as a “poet of the guitar,” American Brian Gore is the founder of International Guitar Night and published the book Fingerstyle Guitar: Lessons in Technique and Creativity in 2005. 


See you on Saturday the 29th of January. 

We'll need help getting the word out on this concert so let us know if you can put up or pass out flyers. 


The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization    


We would like to thank all of our friends for their support and love of fingerstyle guitar music!


Paul Murphy & Bluefish Guitars in Plymouth 

Pam Rossi of WCSX, host of 'Overeasy' 94.7 

Ann Arbor Classical Guitar Society

Classic Guitar Society of Michigan

Gary Zimnicki of Zimnicki Guitars                                                                          

JB Davies      

Ann Delisi on WDET with Essential Music,                                                         

Rob Reinhart of WDET with Acoustic Cafe & Essential Music,

Shelest Music Workshop

Huber Breese Music -

Strings By Mail - 

White Crow Conservatory of Music -

Fred Tellier of F.E. Tellier Guitars on Facebook

JB Davies - Rick Haden - Mark Hawks - Jeb McIntyre - Dave Pierson - Ron Stavale


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MFGS Concert Updates - Sunday Sept. 12th


MFGS Concert Updates

Our fall concert series starts off soon with a world class group of guitarists known as California Guitar Trio.  They are appearing on

Sunday September 12th @ Callahan's Music Club in Auburn Hills, at 7pm.  Callahan's is only 15 minutes north of our Ferndale Venue. Having attended a CGT performance we can attest that they are remarkable musicians who present an amazingly entertaining show.  

CGT will be featuring music from their new CD release called 'Andromeda'  as well as their storied repertoire from classical to fusion and even surf music. They have been featured on several Olympic broadcasts and they performed at the 2003 Grammy's.  CGT will be recording this concert and CD's will be available after the show.  For info and to catch some of their music check out

Tickets for their performance are available @ or at the door for $25 general admission.

This link to Callahan's has a map and Callahan's has a dinner menu and drinks.  It may be a good idea to get there at 6pm, find some nice seats and grab dinner and drinks before the show starts. www.atcallahan'

Opening for CGT will be local Chapman Stick perfomer Glenn Poorman. The Chapman Stick is a pretty unique instrument made notable by Tony Levin of King Crimson/Peter Gabriel fame.

Guitar Workshop By CGT!

In addition to their performance California Guitar Trio will be sponsoring a Guitar Workshop from 3pm - 5pm the same day as the show. CGT initially studied with Robert Fripp of King Crimson back in the late 80's and have been touring since. They have been proponents of the 'New Standard Tuning' which will be discussed at the workshop. What a remarkable opportunity to spend 2 hours, close up and hands on with some of the best guitarists in the world. The fee for this workshop is $40.

We will be discounting concert tickets for workshop attendees. The Cost of the concert and the 2 hr workshop together will be $50.

If you would like to attend the workshop you'll need to call 248-646-4030 to make a reservation. This is for guitarists of all levels!

Other important news

Picking Party on Sunday September 19th MFGS board member, and recent attendee of an Interlochen Guitar Festival Workshop, Dave Stuart will host a picking party @ Shelest Music Store in St. Clair Shores.  Directions can be found on their facebook site  and This is an informal gathering of guitarists or guitar music lovers of all levels. Some come to play, some come to listen.  We share songs, ideas and information about fingerstyle guitar.  Save the date, more information to come. Thanks Gordy for opening up your shop!

Saturday September 25th, Preston Reed will perform at the First United Methodist Church at 22331 Woodward.  Check our web site for information and tickets will be available soon.

A Friend In Need .... Remembering the lyrics of James Taylor's classic song ˜You've Got a Friend'..."When your down and troubled And you need a helping hand"
We thinking about  a dear friend to MFGS who is in need of our assistance. 
Pam Rossi hosts the 'Overeasy'  Show on  WCSX/94.7 on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Pam plays a very eclectic variety of songs that are familiar to all of us and that we do not hear on other stations.  Check out her playlist here . Pam  also frequently hosts live performances by local and nationally known musicians and has always graciously hosted our guest guitarists from all over the world. Tragically,  Pam's Saturday show has been cancelled!!  We know that this show is a source of great music to many of us and we would like you to take a moment and let WCSX know how unhappy we are that this show was cut back. She may even loose the whole weekend to be replaced by preprogrammed shows, no live guests, and no soul to the show. MFGS is a big fan of Pam and her show and we know you are too! We encourage you to call station manager Brent Alberts at 248 398 9470 and leave a voicemail indicating your support of putting her back on the air on Saturdays and to protect her show on Sundays. Also please post this information on your facebook or myspace accounts or send email blasts to your friends.  We need to give back a little to someone who has given us great music over the years.

Future Performance Dates

Preston Reed- Saturday, September 25th @ First United Methodist Church, Ferndale

Stephen Bennett & Tony McManus both on the same stage in Ferndale, November 20th

Pino Forastiere, Brian Gore, Clive Carrol & Alexandre Gismonti, son of legendary Brazialian Guitarist Egberto Gismonti will perform with International Guitar Night, January 29th 2011 @ Callahan's.

The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization    

JB Davies - Rick Haden - Mark Hawks - Jeb McIntyre - Dave Pierson - Ron Stavale

See you on the 12th of September, Enjoy the last week of summer!

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MFGS Music Updates & Andy McKee Concert Information


We at MFGS would like to thank all of you for your support, and also to our musical guests for a really fabulous spring season of guitar music.  Typically this would be the last you would hear from us until September but we have a few things brewing that we hope will catch your attention. 

First of all let's take a moment and thank Germany's Peter Finger for starting of our season out with a really impressive display of his guitarmanship.  Peter was not well known here in the US but we certainly witnessed a special night of diverse fingerstyle music and storytelling that has been performing in the rest of the world for a few decades now.  Thanks Peter!  Next we were just totally enthralled by  Guitar Republic's remarkable evening of innovatively brilliant music.  Until that night I have never seen a standing ovation before intermission!  Italy's Pino Forastiere, Sergio Altamura and Stefano Barone really enjoyed the 'love' they felt from the audience and you can tell by their encore arrangement of Johan Sebastian Bach's, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (yea right Pino, you can't fool us on that one, we're an educated audience !!) . Guitar Republic deserves a 'saluti e baci' (it's an Italian thing!) from all of us.  Finally the master, Laurence Juber, did some great interviews on Pam Rossi's 'Overeasy' and then Ann Delisi's 'Essential Music' shows. Laurence then joined us along with our friends at MAMA's Coffeehouse.  Thank's MAMAs for allowing us to share a very special night of beautiful compositions and some covers of Beatles tunes by LJ.  

So, what's up now?  As part of our mission of supporting guitar music that comes in our area we would like to remind you that This Wednesday, June 2nd, California Guitar Trio's Bert Lams performs with  Tom Griesgraber  @ 'The Barn' in Rochester Hills.   This is a house style concert with limited seating, which isn't a bad thing, if your there!  Please go to for more information.  We've been trying to get these guys for a few years and this is the chance to see them up close.  Support these musicians, you won't be disappointed.    Here is a sample of what you will see this Wednesday! 

Next on our agenda is a  MFGS Picking Party, Sunday June 6t  from 2-5pm  Another part of our mission is to help promote Fingerstyle Music by having networking or picking parties. These are very informal gatherings where some of our more seasoned guitarists  lead a discussion about an aspect of fingerstyle playing. After that there can be more discussion and then  there is time to go up to the mike and perform in a truly non-competitive, supportive and very appreciative audience.  MFGS's  own Dave "Dadgadave"  Stuart will host this Picking Party at Shelest Music Studio in St. Clair Shores on this Sunday.  Shelest Music Studio is at  22410 Harper Ave. Saint Clair Shores, between 8 & 9 mile on Harper Ave.  Use google maps or mapquest to get you there.   (586) 218-7071.   June 6th,  Learn a little and play a lot or play a little and learn a lot!


And finally, we have been getting calls about this special performance for a couple months now.   We are very pleased to announce that on Saturday, July 17th  Andy McKee will perform live at Callahan's Music Hall in Auburn Hills Michigan.

Tickets are on sale now. $25 for General Admission and $20 for Seniors (60 & over) or students with ID.    There will be limited seating for this performance

We first brought Andy here to Michigan in 2006 after hearing about his finalist performance in the 2001  Winfield Kansas Fingerstyle Competition.  Andy was a newcomer to  MFGS which, fulfilled another part of our mission by bringing in new fingerstyle performers to our audience.   Andy returned in 2008 to an overwhelming show selling nearly 400 tickets at our First United Methodist Church Venue.

Picking up the guitar at age 13 Andy eventually was inspired by Preston Reed, Billy McLaughlin, Michael Hedges and Don Ross. From teaching guitar at a music store in Topeka  the self-taught McKee is now considered one of the worlds finest acoustic guitar soloists  His dedicated online community has raised his YouTube video views in excess of 78 million plays and at one point he held the #1, #2 and #3 positions for Top-Rated Videos of All Time on YouTube. McKee has seen fantastic online media success which has allowed him to tour internationally with over 200 live shows a year. 

 Callahans offers a unique venue in that it is a concert hall and a restaurant!  Stop in early to reserve your seat, enjoy a meal and then watch Andy McKee perform.

Better yet!   Andy will also sponsor a guitar workshop for players of all levels from 3pm to 5pm @ Callahans.  The workshop cost is $40 and you can reserve your front row seat at the concert by attending the workshop.  

 For More information on the Picking Party, the Andy McKee concert or the guitar workshop please call 248-646-4030


The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization  


JB Davies - Rick Haden - Mark Hawks - Jeb McIntyre - Dave Pierson - Ron Stavale


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MFGS - Performances This Week - resend (sorry)


Friends of MFGS-  Due to an error in sending out this newsletter only 1/2 of our distribution list was contacted.  We are sending out the newsletter again so that everyone gets the information.  If you've already received this today we apologize for the resend.  

Part of the mission of MFGS is to let you know about upcoming guitar events. Here is a listing of some performances. Please let us know if you here of guitar performances that you want mentioned. Remember that we are volunteers so give us a decent lead time. And we can always use a hand getting flyers posted at coffee shops, music stores or where you work. Call us if you can help out 248-646-4030 


Thursday April 15th - Our own JB Davies will be opening for Jill Jack  at the City Mission Benefit Concert & Wine Tasting night. 

Admission is $30.00 per person and you BYOW (bring your own wine) . The benefit is at the beautiful Redford Theatre 17360 Lahser,  Detroit, MI 48223.  You will have a chance to hear great performances by some gems of the Motor City in the most well kept secret, the Redford Theatre. You will also be able to share your favorite wine with friends, new and old.   


Will all of this music going on, don't forget that on

April 17th we will be featuring Guitar Republic in their first US appearance.

 First United Methodist Church, 22331 Woodward in Ferndale.


This will be remarkable night of music from Pino Forastiere, Stefano Barone & Sergio Altamura  General Admission tickets are $20 & $15 for students & seniors  available on line or at the door.

Stefano, Sergio and Pino will conduct a 2 hour guitar workshop from 3pm - 5pm the day of the show at the First United Methodist Church. The cost of this workshop is $40 and it is for all levels of players.  The focus of the workshop will be composition and performance in a band. If you attend the workshop your concert ticket is only $10.  Seating is limited. 

We are also fortunate to have Michigan Luthier, Gary Zimnicki at the show  Gary will have some of his fine handcrafted instruments for you to view.  

Call 248-646-4030 to reservve a seat at the workshop or for concert information.

Farther down the line.......

May 15th - @ MAMA's Coffeehouse - 2 Time Grammy Winner Laurence Juber - Ferndale guitarist Joel Palmer will open for Laurence.

July 17th @ Callahan's Music Hall -   Andy McKee


and thanks to our friends who fill us with the music we love to hear!!

This is WDET's pledge week so help them keep this music coming to us by donating whatever you can. 

Ann Delisi's Essential Music on WDET  & facebook

Rob Reinhart's Essential Music and Acoustic Cafe on WDET   & facebook

Pam Rossi's 'Overeasy' show on WCSX   & facebook

Candyrat Records 

Ann Arbor Classical Guitar Society -   

The Classic Guitar Society of Michigan  -

MAMA's Coffeehouse

Trinity House -

Carrick House Concerts -

Callahans Music Hall -

and finally, don't forget to join us on facebook!

A special thanks to Jan Golz who works behind the scenes to make our society successful .

  The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization

JB Davies - Mark Hawks - Jeb McIntyre - Dave Pierson - Ron Stavale


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MFGS member Aaron Jones opens for Doyle Dykes

On Thursday April 6th MFGS member Aaron Jones will perform an opening set and most likely MC a show for Doyle Dykes.  Doyle Dykes will be performing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.   The show will be free and will start at 7:30pm.

You can learn more about Aaron Jones online at

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Tommy Emmanuel in Concert

10/18/2005   (7:00 PM - 10:00 PM)
Big Rapids High School Auditorium
21175 15 Mile Road
Big Rapids, MI

Sponsored by Ferris State University

Tommy Emmanuel

Tuesday ,October 18, 2005 - 7:00 p.m.

Help us makeTommy's first Michigan visit spectacular!!!

(Doors open at 6 p.m.)

Location: Big Rapids High School Auditorium

21175 15 Mile Road, Big Rapids, MI

Ticket Price at the Door: $5.00 - Any Student, $10.00 - General Admission

A native Australian, Emmanuel's career spans three decades and continues to intersect with some of the finest musicians in the world time and time again. Tommy's unique style - he calls it simply "finger style" - is akin to playing guitar the way a pianist plays a piano. Tommy not only is a very accomplished guitarist, but also plays drums and sings. Jazz legend Chet Atkins was one of the first people who inspired Emmanuel to pick up a guitar. Decades later, Atkins himself became one of Emmanuel's biggest fans, and is responsible for declaring Emmanuel a "Certified Guitar Player" - an honor shared by only two other people in the world (Jerry Reed and John Knowles). In his storied career, the Grammy-nominated Emmanuel has set sales records that have yet to be broken and performed alongside hundreds of other musical legends including Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, Sir George Martin, Hank Marvin and Joe Walsh. The consummate musician was voted Rolling Stone (Australia) Magazine's "Most Popular Guitarist" for two consecutive years and has earned four Platinum and three Gold albums.

Visit Tommy's website:

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Tommy Emmanuel in concert


HI folks from the windy city.  Doing good here but just wanted to really recommend that if you can, do NOT avoid seeing Tommy Emmanuel's show when he comes to michigan.  I caught his show here in chicago and it was incredible.  He's a great entertainer and an absolutely incredible guitarist, both in terms of technique and feel.  Do yourselves a favor and don't miss seeing Tommy. 


See you all soon!


Merv Collins

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7th Annual Motor City Boogie Woogie & Blues Festival October 14th and 15th


Our friends at AMRF (American Music Research Foundation) have a new site up. More important, they've announced this years concert information, and tickets are available now. This may not be fingerstyle, but it is great music. Highly recommended! Tell them the Fingerstyle Guitar Society sent you.

 Daimler Chrysler presents the
7th Annual Motor City Boogie Woogie & Blues Festival

Friday, October 14th   &   Saturday, October 15th 2005
at the Royal Oak Music Theatre

Friday, Oct. 14th - Boogie Woogie Revue
Bob Seeley (USA)
Philippe Lejeune (France)
Michael Kaeshammer (Canada)
Silvan Zing (Switzerland)

Saturday, Oct. 15th - "Gen 2 Blues"
Phantom Blues Band
Bernard Allison (son of Luther Allison)
Kenny Neal (son of Raful Neal)
Tasha Taylor (daughter of "The Wailer" Johnnie Taylor)

Produced by the American Music Research Foundation.

Tickets are on sale now!
 $35 general admission tickets for the 7th Annual Motor City Boogie Woogie & Blues Festival (Presented by Daimler Chrysler) will be going on sale at 10am Friday, August 5th.   They will be available at, the Royal Oak Music Theatre box office, or by calling 800-919-6272.

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MFGS Winter / Spring 2006 Concert Series


The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society is very pleased to present it's Winter / Spring concert series. Workshops will also be available the weekend of each concert. Please check the website for updates.

* Stephen Bennett - Jan 14th 2006
* Andy McKee - Feb 11th 2006
* Pat Donohue - Mar 11th 2006
* Al Petteway & Amy White - Apr 1st 2006
* Ed Gerhard - May 6th 2006

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Listing of Outstanding Guitar Players

The following is a list of links for some of the best guitarists around. Also  check out our Alumni Artist catagory in case we didn't get them all mentioned on this list. Strongly recommended! Click on any of them to go to their web site. Many have samples you can listen to.

Al Petteway & Amy White
Stephen Bennett

Ed Gerhard

Don Ross
Muriel Anderson
Pino Forastiere
Antoine Dufour
Craig D'Andrea

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Erika Luckett – House Concert in Rochester April 1st


Post Concet Update: Erika Luckett is definitly a Fingerstyle guitarist! She's as good or better than any of the artists we've hosted to date, and an amazing singer as well. Highly recommended.

Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society board member Jeb McIntyre is hosting a house concert for Erika Luckett On Friday April 1st. While not strictly a fingerstyle guitarist, singer songwriter Erika Luckett's guitar playing is extraordinary. This should be a great concert.

Erika Luckett will be performing in Rochester Hills, MI for an intimate House Concert Friday April 1st, 2005. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity for an up-close evening with JPF Music’s Female Artist of the Year.

"Erika Luckett has arrived with enough multifaceted talent and musical maturity to make Norah Jones Blush."
 -San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Crisp, enticing vocals, exceptionally adept guitar work, an intriguing sensibility of Latin flavor and poetic lyricism that thrives on simplicity are staples of Luckett's most recent work. . . .This album will surely raise eyebrows as one of the more artistically complete and enjoyable of the year."
 - Aaron Menza
Colorado Springs Independent


Tickets on sale now: $10 in advance or at the door. Space is limited to the first 45 tickets sold.

  • When: 8pm Friday, April 1st, 2005
  • Where: 2791 Walton Blvd., Rochester Hills, MI 48309
  • Parking: park in neighboring Meadowbrook Christian Church parking lot (2741 Walton Blvd.).
  • Tickets: $10 in advance or at the door. Please call if you are planning to attend.
  • Checks payable to the artist: Erika Luckett
    • Send to:
      House Concerts c/o Edict, Inc.
      315 Water St.
      Rochester, MI 48307
  • Further information: 248-650-4962

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Chris Proctor in Michigan in April


Chris Proctor will be playing two concerts in MI in April -

MI, Midland- Friday, April 22, 7:30 p.m., Concert for Midland Folk Society, Midland, MI, 48640, 989.832.9525

MI, Hart- Saturday, April 23, 7:30 p.m.- Concert at Hart High School Auditorium, Hart, MI, 49420, 231.873.6320

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Don Ross on Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour

Woodsongs old time radio hour
I ran across this the other day.  It's a website that features weekly acoustic performances.  Many of our alumni artists have performed on their stage.  They've archived a large number of shows which are all accessable as streaming audio or video in some cases.  Of interest you'll find Tommy Emmanuel, Kaki King, Pete Huttlinger, Muriel Anderson, California Guitar Trio, Thom Bresh and too many others to list.  On Feb 21st Don Ross will be performing.  Be sure to tune in and catch the show.

Here's a link to the archives:

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Kaki King @ the Ark 2/26/2005

Kaki King will be appearing at the Ark in Ann Arbor on February 26th.
The Ark
Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI

Admired Artists  


  • Great show.. That lady can really play and perform. I highly recommend seeing h...more
    - [Merv Collins]

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MFGS Alumni win Grammy

The "Pink Guitar" Album won a Grammy this year for best Pop Instramental Album. If you don't have it, we urge you to get it. We are particularly excited because some of the very best tracks are from some of our alumni performers. List of tracks is provided below, and our alumni are highlighted. Of particular, Ed Gerhard, on of the performers, is our 2005 kick-off artist, performing March 12th, and Laurence Juber will be with us in October. Al Petteway should be joining us again in early 2006. Also, Pat Donohue will be performing at MAMA's coffee house on March 19th. Check our calandar for more information.

In addition, Will Ackerman, who should be joining us in early 2006, won for best New Age Album for his album "Returning".

Both of these awards are simply great news for Fingerstyle Guitar. By the way, our friends and supporters at Solid Air Records producted "Pink Guitar".
A great place to buy both albums is

Acoustic Music Resourses . They offer great selection and service, and are long-standing friends and supporters of the Society.

There's also an excellent book for the Pink Guitar

Henry Mancini

Pink Guitar - Book / Lesson CD
Pink Panther Theme - Laurence Juber
Moon River - Ed Gerhard (from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's")
Days of Wine and Roses - David Cullen
It's Easy to Say - Doug Smith (from the movie "10")
Peter Gunn - Pat Donohue
The Thornbirds Theme - Al Petteway
The Sweetheart Tree - Mark Hanson (from the movie "The Great Race")
What's Happening - Mike Dowling
Charade - Aaron Stang
Dear Heart - Wayne Johnson
Baby Elephant Walk - William Coulter (from the movie "Hatari")
Two for the Road - Amrit Sond

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Between the Strings—the Secret Lives of Guitars


I picked this up a couple of days ago and it's been a fun read so far... with 100 contributors there's a plethora of different stories and opinions about guitars... Worth a read...  


More info at URL:
Peace out... Dan


Between the Strings—The Secret Lives of Guitars is a collection of more than one-hundred selected short stories, each with a guitar at its center. A veritable compendium of the world’s greatest guitarists, from BB to ZZ (B.B. King to ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, that is), the stories are inspiring, uplifting, illuminating, humorous, stirring, and edifying. Some of the stories are simply entertaining in the way they take unexpected twists and turns. Others are biographical. Many involve a guitar that was received, given away, lost, stolen, recovered, offered to its player a special song, or was pivotal in a personal relationship or life experience. Each of these stories reveals something of the human spirit, as well as something of the supernatural that sometimes makes its way into our ordinary, everyday existence. But in every case, the variety of experiences, settings, and remarkable outcomes are linked by the common celebration of life with the guitar. To paraphrase Ann Petry, “Everything you ever had, everything you ever lost. It’s all there in the guitar—pain and hate and trouble and peace and quiet and love.” There is so much more to music than meets the ears. To discover that, one needs only to read “between the strings.”



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Fall 2005 Concerts

We are pleased to announce the following acts for the Fall 2005 season:

Sept 17         Muriel Anderson

Oct 8            Laurence Juber

Nov 12         Billy McLaughlin

December 10        Don Ross

Workshops with the artists will be available on a first come first serve basis, with preference to Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society Members in good standing. This is a great chance to learn up close how your guitar hero does what he or she does.

As always, concerts will be presented at:

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  • Leo Kotke will be appearing at the Ark in Ann Arbor on February 13 and 14th. Ju...more
    - [Merv Collins]
  • Kaki King will be appearing at the Ark in Ann Arbor on February 26th.
    - [Merv Collins]
  • Merv, thanks for the info. It's been added to the calandar.
    - [Jeb McIntyre]

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