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Community Weblog - [ Ian Ethan Case - Tickets Available At the Door ]

Ian Ethan Case - Tickets Available At the Door


Dear Friends of MFGS


Just to let you know that tickets will be available at the door for our last show of the season this Saturday May 14th's performance by Ian Ethan Case at Trinity House Theatre 

Tickets $20 and $17 for Trinity House Members 

38840 6 Mile Rd. Livonia- 734-464-6302


This is an opportunity to see an amazing musician who might not be back in these parts for some time. 

It's our last concert of the season so take a minute.....check this out

think it over...and c'mon out! 

 Remember if coming from the north that I-275 south is closed at 696 the northbound lanes are open returning in that direction.  If using 275 going south after 696 then alternate route to Trinity House is recommended.  

We will start the show a little bit late due to the detour.  It's a Saturday so traffic won't be too bad.....this show is not to be missed!!! 

Support the folks who help bring this music to you! 

  Check out our friends at Candyrat Records   

& also  Minor 7th magazine  for the latest reviews of this great music.  

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