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Community Weblog - [ A Special Note from Cheri Miller ]

A Special Note from Cheri Miller



My name is CHERI MILLER.  I am what you might call a talent scout for two churches:
1)  The Church of the Holy City
     Royal Oak (4th and Pleasant Streets)
     Reverend Renee Machiniak
     Sunday Service:  11AM - 12 Noon
     Fellowship and refreshments after the service.
2)  Unity Chapel
     Southgate  (Northline Rd. - off I-75S)
     Reverend Virgil Brewer
     Sunday Service:  10:30AM - 11:30AM
     Fellowship and refreshments after the service.
I visit the Coffee Beanery and other places to discover new talent.  Through a short and very pleasant conversation with exchange of phone #’s and e-mail addresses, I enlist people to come and play for our church services and other events.
I spoke with Mark Hawks on Sunday, July 10th at the Coffee Beanery in Ferndale. He requested that I put together some information indicating why fingerstyle guitarists might want to play for these services.
*  You will get exposure to an audience, especially good for talented members who are not so used to being and playing in front of a live audience.  Even the more experienced players will be left with a wonderful feeling of being completely and totally appreciated.
*  It will give you a goal to work toward.  Because you have been given and are working toward a certain date to perform, you will practice more, work harder and therefore, you can't help but become better at your guitar playing.  This may even spur you to come up with some new ideas (new music pieces or your own compositions perhaps).  You will develop more poise in front of an audience and become more comfortable and accepting of yourself, your talents and of others.
*  You will know that someone believes in you and knows you are good enough to captivate (keep the attention of) a live audience.  Because of our (my) belief in you, it will create a greater belief in yourself and your talent(s). This strengthening of your self-esteem will allow you and perhaps even propel you to be open and available for further opportunities to perform extending your boundaries to a wider audience.
*  Our congregations are small family-type atmospheres.  The people you will be playing in front of and for will be listening to not just who you are right now, but who you can be. They are loving, accepting, forgiving, tolerant, patient and literally starving for new and fresh talent.  You will be loved and accepted for who you are.  Any fears you may have about performing in front of an audience or in a church service will quickly melt away.  You will be left with possibility, opportunity and a great feeling of accomplishment and goodwill.
Come and join us.  If you see a girl with a yellow legal pad and long blonde hair at the Coffee Beanery or any place else, it will be me.  Come on over and say Hi!  I may be
looking for you!

If you have any questions about this experience, feel free to speak with:
David Pierson
George Hesser
Mervyn Collins
Jere Stormer
J.B. Davies

They have played for us and will share just how positive the experience was!

To set up a date to play, send me an email!


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