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Community Weblog - [ Upcoming concert ]

Upcoming concert

Hi folks.. Looking forward to seeing the members of the Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society coming out in force to the upcoming show in Sterling Heights this coming saturday night.  This show is for a great  cause and is a terrific  opportunity for our Society members to show support for each other, which in the performing world is HUGE.  We really need to keep spreading the word of this great genre of music that we're all involved in and the best way to do that is to support as many of our member's gigs as possible and bring friends and family to show them just how marvelous this music is.  Its not just the board members that can do this... its each and every member. So please grab the family and friends and come out to the show.  Its an early night and I know I can speak for the performers in that we'd be honored and very very pleased to see you all. 

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