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Community Weblog - [ Community Outreach Opportunities ]

Community Outreach Opportunities


Community Outreach Bulletin:

Over the past year we have linked up with some new organizations that already have been welcoming and experiencing the generosity of our community outreach volunteers or are interested in having volunteers from MFGS visit in the future.

Here's a list of these organizations and their contact coordinators. Please feel free to contact them to find out more about their needs and programs and how you can volunteer.

In general, contact the medical sites to play for patients, families, and staff. .

The church involvement, so far, has been to provide music surrounding worship services. (For a brief insight on this, see George Hesser's wonderful write-up of his experience at the end of this bulletin.)

Schedules and sites are to be arranged with the coordinators. You will find them welcoming and flexible in trying to work with the constraints of your schedules to make this as rewarding and convenient as possible.

We certainly encourage everyone to consider this worthwhile activity and to participate.

Medical facilities we participate with are:

Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit

This site is coordinated by:

Kristine Frias, Music Therapist

(313) 966 5029 Email: <>

Oakwood Healthcare System Arts in Healthcare program

This program is coordinated by:

Lisa Rutledge

Manager, Community Benefit


313.792.7149 (fax)

Email: <>

Local churches we participate with are:

Church of the Holy City in Royal Oak

Unity Chapel in Southgate

These opportunities are coordinated by:

Cheri Miller

Wayne State University

Department of Economics

656 W. Kirby

Room 2074 FAB

Detroit, MI 48202

          Work: (313) 577-3346

          FAX: (313) 577-9564

Cell: (313) 492-7426

E-mail: <>

If you are still undecided as to if this is something you want to do, please read this note from George Hesser. It is a perfect summary of why this is a worthwhile and rewarding experience to seriously consider.

Re: Community Outreach by George Hesser

I had the pleasure this past Sunday (Father's Day) to play during the worship service at the Church of the Holy City in Royal Oak. What a pleasure it was, too. Not only did I get to share my guitar music, but also I met several very kind, energetic and interesting people in the process. This was my first experience playing during a church service, and I can honestly say that I hope it is not my last. Reverend Renee Machiniak, the church's young pastor, made me so comfortable and welcome, and, as she said during the service, she felt like she had known me for years. It was a wonderful experience.

The Church of the Holy City is a new church with a small, but growing community. The church leaders, along with Rev. Renee, believe that music is a special part of their worship service. They hold their services in the Royal Oak Women's Society building on 4th Street in Royal Oak. It is a beautiful little worship area, and the acoustics are pretty good. I played for about 15 minutes prior to the start of the service, while folks filtered in, and set the mood with meditational pieces. I played two pieces during the service, and then played for an hour downstairs in the community room while everyone enjoyed coffee, snacks and each other's company.

There were approximately 50 people at the service, and each and everyone made a point to thank me. Many took the time to share their love of guitar music and pass along some anecdote about when they played guitar as a kid. The Church is thinking about hosting a fund raising event in the early Fall for one of its members. They would like to see if a few MFGS members would be willing to donate their time and talent. It was great experience for me, so I plan on helping out.

The Church also has a few Sunday services in the future where they would greatly appreciate the playing of other guest "fingerstylists", so, if you're interested and have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Oh! One more thing: this is a great way to spread the word about our concert series. There were several folks that seemed really excited about attending, so this is an easy and fun way to build community support for our concerts!

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