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Community Weblog - [ Meetings and Picking Parties for 2005 ]

Meetings and Picking Parties for 2005

Hello and Happy New Year Everyone!!

We've been really busy here at the MFGS the last couple of months getting our 2005 schedule of events booked.  Our goal was to have most of the major events scheduled for the entire year in advance.  For the most part we did succeed.  There are still a few details that will have to be worked out but I think everyone will be really happy with what we're offering in 2005.

  • Picking Parties - We've scheduled a picking party at the Coffee Beanery in Downtown Ferndale on either the first or second Sunday afternoon of each month.   Please visit the website for more details.  Our first picking party of 2005 is scheduled for this SUNDAY 1/09/2005 at 1-3pm.  We still would like to encourage our members to host picking parties in their homes in addition to the ones we've already scheduled.  Contact Jere Stormer if you're interested.
  • Member Meetings - There is a MFGS members meeting scheduled for each quarter this year.  The first one happens in early February.  Check the calendar on the website for more information.
  • Concert Series - Our 2005 concert series should be our best one yet.  We have firm commitments from Ed Gerhard, Don Ross, Stephen Bennett, and Laurence Juber.  We also have tentative agreements with Muriel Anderson and Billy McLaughlin.  We'll most likely be adding one more concert to our schedule as well.   In addition we'll be helping the Trinity House in Livonia with Michael Gulezian.  Workshops will be available with each artist as well.
  • Website Updates - We've made some pretty decent additions to our website the last few months.  We're using some new features that will allow all of our members to post information to our website in the form of web logs.  We'll be keeping a master schedule of all events on our web calendar as well.  Members will be able to log in and post their gigs or other events of interest for others to see.  Please email Mark Hawks if you're interested in using the new features on our website.
That's all for now.  Hope to see everyone this Sunday at the picking party in Ferndale.

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