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Community Weblog - [ Bert Lams - Tom Griesgraber in Ann Arbor this Sunday! ]

Bert Lams - Tom Griesgraber in Ann Arbor this Sunday!

More late breaking event info!!!

California Guitar Trio guitarist Bert Lams and San Diego Stickist Tom Griesgraber will be performing in Ann Arbor on Sunday August 10th.

Bert and Tom have been writing and touring together for several years now and are supporting their recent CD release "Unnamed Lands". Michigan wasn't part of their original stop but since they were going to be in the area, they got in touch with Oz and put together a performance at Oz's Music in Ann Arbor for Sunday and then clinics for both Stick players and guitarists on Monday. You can reserve a spot ahead of time by calling Oz's at 734-662-8283 or you can show up and pay at the door.

If you're within driving distance from Ann Arbor, you really should check these guys out. They are a fantastic duo

copy this onto youtube and enjoy!!!

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