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Community Weblog - [ Thanks For Supporting MFGS & Last Concert of Season is on Nov. 15th ]

Thanks For Supporting MFGS & Last Concert of Season is on Nov. 15th


The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society 

would  like to take a moment to

thank the following folks who have 

helped make this fall season successful.


-Thanks to Antoine Dufour and Craig D'Andrea for putting on a stunning display of guitar wizardry last Saturday night.  For those of you who missed the show you have to see them next time around. Until then check out Antoine’s ‘Existence’ and Craig’s ‘Crazy is Catching’ CDs on the Candyrat records site       


-Thanks to Ed Gerhard and his music from the heart on our first show of the season.  There aren't many who can play the guitar so soulfully as  Ed. There is always room for Ed here  @ MFGS


- Thanks to Pam Rossi of WCSX , 94.7. and her 'OverEasy' Sat am show.  Pam has always supported our society and the guitarists that we bring in by interviewing them and allowing them to play a few of their pieces on her show.  Tune in to her show to hear some great music that spans generations and genres.    


-Thanks to Paul Murphy of Bluefish Music who sponsored our first Picking Party in a year or so. Paul came in on a day off  (a Sunday none the less) to open up his store for friends of MFGS to discuss amplification techniques and for members to play a few tunes.  Check out his myriad of instruments @\ 


-Thanks to Gary Zimnicki who brought his gorgeous guitars to our show at the Players Guild of Dearborn and to a concert in February. Gary continues to create beautiful instruments ranging from mandolins and ukes to steel or classical string guitars and jazz boxes.  Gary was also the hero in February when Pino Forastiere came into town.  Pino opened his hard shell case only to find a 12 inch full thickness,  jaw dropping (literally!) crack  on the side of his guitar after flying in from Chicago. Duct tape got Pino through the concert but Gary did a spot on job, permanently repairing the crack so Pino could play his next gig.  Check out some of Gary's nice instruments  @                                         


-Thanks to all of you who come out to our shows and support our Society and these musicians.  Keep in mind that we can always use a little help with shows since we are all volunteers trying to keep things running smoothly.  We always appreciate your help and your suggestions for making this a better society.  


More information about our last show of this

fall season will be sent out soon.

  November 15th with      

 Stephen Bennett    


 until then....check out


MFGS Board of Directors 

JB Davie s - Mark Hawk s - Jeb McIntyr e - Ron Stavale - Kevin Tarnas


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