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Community Weblog - [ Antoine Dufour Tickets Back On Sale Now ]

Antoine Dufour Tickets Back On Sale Now


Dear Friends of MFGS

We had a glitch in our web page for a few days and just wanted you to know that we are back up and running.  You should be running to!  Running to to buy tickets for Antoine Dufour's 2 Southeast Michigan appearances!!

Antoine Dufour is one of the few guitarists in the world today that has mastered the guitar fingerboard with melody, harmonics and percussion. To be able to integrate these components of music on one guitar is remarkable!

This is Antoine’s first appearance here since his 2013 sold out shows.

Friday September 20th @ Trinity House Theatre in Livonia Michigan

Info at


Saturday September 21st at 20 Front Street in Lake Orion Michigan!

Don’t miss the former 2006 International Guitar Competition Winner in one of his rare Metro Detroit appearances.  It will be a memorable experience!

Here is Antoine performing ' These Moments'



Save these dates!!

Calum Graham

October 25th @ Trinity House Theatre

October 26th @ 20 Front Street

tickets on sale soon


 Gareth Pearson 'The Welsh Tornado'

November 15th at 20 Front Street

November 16th @ Trinity House Theatre

tickets on sale soon


Coming up soon!!!   A monumental

Fingerstyle Festival

sponsored by Fretmonkey and Candyrat Records

September 13-18, 2019

Camp Mitchell at Petit Jean Mountain

in Morrilton, Arkansas


Muriel Anderson 

Kaki King

Antoine Dufour 

Don Ross

Alexandr Misko

Trace bundy

Alexander "Sasha" Boldachev

Van Larkins

Spencer Elliott

Adrian Bellue

Christie Lenée

Peter Ciluzzi

Daniel Voth

RD King

Daniel Champagne

Donovan Raitt

amongst others!!


Just in 

Candyrat Guitar Night in Canada

September 22nd in London Ontario

Luca Stricagnoli & Gareth Pearson 

@ The London Music Club

470 Colborne St.


Doors at 6pm- Show at 7pm

General admission $25 (Canadian)


And of course this would be a great place to be!

Walnut Valley Festival and Competition

is in September 18th through the 22nd




Don't forget to check out the the September / October 2019 edition of Minor 7th 

Hot off the presses

Reviewing the best in non-mainstream acoustic guitar 

Tony McManus & Julia Toaspern

Van Larkins

Jon Hart

Daryl Shawn 

Martin Paris 

And some up and coming artists on Minor 7th’s ‘Short Takes’ 


they have a great archive of podcasts for your listening pleasure way back to 2006!






Some new video's from our friends at

Candyrat Records





Don't forget our friends at Bayberry Music

 in Ferndale for violins, guitars, strings and repairs




Also our northern friends at Strings By Mail




 We're sure you've thought of building your own acoustic guitar .....right?

or you will think of it while reading this!  It feels like you’d be light years from being able to do that!

Now with the help of a long time local luthier

Gary Zimnicki  

teaming up with the folks at the Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute in Adrian Michigan



We wouldn't be where we are without Trinity House Theatre

or 20 Front Street

Please help MFGS get the word out about our concerts.

(Without you we wouldn't be here (and neither would the artists!)


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