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Community Weblog - [ Bridge Guitar Review of Nathan Montgomery's debut release "For Your Ears Only" ]

Bridge Guitar Review of Nathan Montgomery's debut release "For Your Ears Only"


Bridge Guitar Reviews

Nathan Montgomery       For Your Ears Only    2005

With a passion for acoustic guitar Nathan Montgomery plays many styles
like blues, jazz , funk, rock, finger-style, Zen to classical music. In a range
of various techniques, like tapping, slapping, hammer on and pulling off, he
has the ability to fully absorb a listener in various moods. Nathan goes far
beyond any safe territory which many other guitarists do not dare to explore.
In 2002 he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Jazz Performance.Influences
from the late Michael Hedges, Jon Gomm, Kaki King and John Danley can be
heard, but nevertheless Nathan Montgomery has his own rousing signature.
On his album For Your Ears Only he impresses in any area with compositions
which groove a lot ,fantastic harmonics and brilliant percussion which touches
one lower chakra's and sometimes have a hypnotic effect as on Beneath The
Surface. Three Shades of Black show his melody line building abilities and his
knowledge of percussion. One on his impressive enchanting ballads Flowers
Fallen shows he is a top composer with strong melody lines like for instance
Don Ross and Preston Reed excel in. The virtuosity  of playing energizing
songs with a lot of groove gets one fully absorbed as on Maybe Next Time,
Gravel Train and Groove Thing. Pictures of You has a soothing, melancholic
atmosphere which really moves one. The versatility, the composing skills and
the way to entertain surely puts him between the best guitarists on this globe.

Henk te Veldhuis
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