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Community Weblog - [ Van Elslander Cancer Center Volunteer Opportunity ]

Van Elslander Cancer Center Volunteer Opportunity

We have a great opportunity to enrich the lives of
others with our music.  Mr. Andrew Stewart is the
board certified music therapist at the Van Elslander
Cancer Center in Grosse Pointe Woods.  He invited me to tour
the Cancer Center and see how music therapy benefits
cancer patients.  I was impressed to say the least. 
The facility is a beautiful and peaceful healing
environment.  Mr. Stewart would like volunteers from
the MFGS to play for an hour or so a week.  

Andrew says, "We would love for any members of your
group to come and play for the patients while they are
receiving chemotherapy in the infusion center.  It is
a large community room in which most of the patients
are patiently waiting for their IV administered
treatments to complete.  I am also looking to initiate
a research project sometime in May this summer
involving live, environmental music and the patient

This is not a performance opportunity, per se.  Anyone
who volunteers to play will be making music to be
appreciated as part of the environment, not as the
center of attention.  Don't expect a standing ovation,
but do expect to add beauty and comfort to the lives
of some people who need it.  

You can play just one time or set up a regular
scheduled time to play every week, if you like. 
Andrew wants to make this an easy, low pressure way to
volunteer.  Give him a call or email him to arrange a time
to play.  

Andrew Stewart MT-BC
Van Elslander Cancer Center
19229 Mack Avenue
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236

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