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Community Weblog - [ Dec. 3rd Benefit Concert! ]

Dec. 3rd Benefit Concert!

We had a great time playing for The Royal Oak Church of the Holy City on December 3, 2005!  Speaking for all the performers, the audience was great and the night went very smoothly.  On behalf of the performers, a big Thank You to Rev. Renee Machiniak, her husband Joe, and Cheri Miller for making sure the event came off without a hitch!  Four MFGS members performed - Dave Pierson (me), Dan House, Merv Collins, and Nathan Montgomery.  A special thanks to Jeb McIntyre for allowing us to use his PA system.  It was a great night at a great venue with a variety of styles and lots of energy!   
This is from Rev. Renee:
The Royal Oak Church of the Holy City is most grateful to the volunteer fingerstyle guitarists who performed at our December 3rd, 2005, benefit concert. We would like to thank David Pierson, Dan House, Mervyn Collins and Nathan Montgomery for magical performances on guitar, vocal selections, and the mountain dulcimer! Stories of life and song added depth to the music presented. By the end of the evening, we felt the spirit of the holidays and an appreciation for their love of music and for the sharing of their talent. We we were all very glad we had gathered on this snowy and cozy evening amidst the Christmas lights surrounding the stage - to share the gift of music at the Royal Oak Women's Club. Thank you, once again, Dave, Dan, Merv and Nathan!
Nathan Montgomery contributed 50% of all his cd sales to the church!  Overall $350 was raised for the church. 
This was a function of the MFGS Community Outreach effort.  I think this is a great way for MFGS members to get involved.  Check out the other outreach opportunities we have! 

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