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Community Weblog - [ MFGS Presents Pierre Bensusan in Concert ]

MFGS Presents Pierre Bensusan in Concert


Upcoming MFGS Concerts  & Guitar Workshops @ Callahan's

Concerts $20 & 15 Students/Seniors Workshops $40

Concert Tickets are $15 & $10 for workshop attendees

Sunday March 13th @ 7:30pm

 The Incomparable

Pierre Bensusan


The revered French, fingerstyleist released his first album in 1975, and since then has carved a reputation as one of the most  innovative guitarists there is, practically unrivaled by any acoustic (or maybe even electric) player.  Bensusan is such a fingerstyle guitar legend that the late & great Michael Hedges  named a song for him.

Guitar Workshop will start at 3pm the same day as the show. Not to be missed!


                                                                                                                                                                                                        Saturday April 16th

 From Rome Italy

Stefano Barone



With Special Guest

Chapman Stick Artist   

Glenn Poorman

Barone is on the forefront of the new age of acoustic guitar. His musical style was inspired by the late legendary American guitarist Michael Hedges. Barone, was also a student of Pino Forastiere in Rome and is a member of the Italian trio of guitarists,

Guitar Republic.

His compositions range from intimate melodies to rhythmical patterns interposed with percussive taps & slaps on the guitar body mixed in

with repeating electronic loops. 

Something you have to see & hear!


Saturday May 21st

 Antoine Dufour & Craig D'Andrea  

Two more brilliant fingerstyle guitarists from the remarkable stable of  guitarists housed at  Rob Poland’s Candyrat Records.  Quebec’s Dufour and D’Andrea, who is from Connecticut, both have won the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competetion   in the past and they are no longer the ‘up and coming’  fingerstyle guitarists; they have arrived!

Concert Information  


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