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Brazilian Guitar Workshop with Rick Udler


When:       Saturday, April 19, 2008
Time:        12:00pm to 2:00pm
Location:  Elderly Instruments
                1100 North Washington 
                Lansing, MI 
                (517) 372-5880
Cost:        $40.00

Brazil has produced some of the most vibrant and exciting guitar music in the instrument's history.  In this 2-hour workshop, critically-acclaimed Brazilian recording artist Rick Udler will discuss styles, techniques and rhythms of some of Brazil's greatest players from the bossa nova, samba and choro traditions.  This is an unique opportunity for guitarists to delve into the beautiful sounds of this musical land.
(An intermediate to advanced level of playing ability is recommended to take full advantage of what the workshop has to offer.  Non-guitarists or beginning players who wish to observe are welcome too.)

"Udler's disc is truly a gem.  On Papaya, Rick Udler opens the window for us to enjoy his world of rich, deep and beautiful music."
Just Jazz Guitar - August 2007

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