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Notes from the Feb 2005 Members Meeting

We just wanted to once again say thanks to everyone that attended the MFGS members meeting on Sunday (2/13/2005).  It was really great to see everyone.  This time we had 7 or 8 members get up on stage and perform for the group.  More people seem to join us each time which is realyl cool.  Also a big thanks has to go out to the staff at the Coffee Beanery in Ferndale for being such great hosts.

On the agenda...
  • Our 2005 concert series is fully booked.  We've already begun to plan our concert series for 2006. Some of the names were speaking with for '06 are Pete Huttlinger, Al & Amy and Will Ackerman.  Other names that were suggested by our members were as follows:  Doug Smith, Pierre Bensusan, John Renbourn, Tony McManus, Larry Pattis, El McMeen, and Martin Simpson.
  • Dues for 2005 are once again $30.  All members get $5 a seat in each workshop and $5 discount on their concert ticket. 
  • Jere Stormer is taking names for people willing to host picking parties at their house this year.  Please contact him if you're interested.
  • Dan House is looking for volunteers that are interested in performing for community service.  Please coordinate with him if you're interested.
  • JB Davies is looking for guitarists that are interested in performing at the Angels Cafe in Ferndale.  Please coordinate with him if you're interested.
  • Long time member Dave Clarke will be joining the MFGS board of directors.  Dave has been a big help to the society and we're very lucky to have him on board.
  • Jeb McIntyre has some very nice Ed Gerhard color promotional posters.  If you know of a good place to put one please contact him ASAP.
  • Acoustic Music Resource and Warner Brothers donated CD's and instructional books to our society.   Bob Brooks, Merv Collins, Craig Porter and Jere Stormer were all winners.  Big thanks to our friends at AMR / WB , James Jenson and Aaron Stang.


MFGS Board Announcement  
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