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Masa Sumide - Japan's Premier Fingerstyle Guitarist


On Saturday, March 10th Masa Sumide performs at 7:30 p.m. with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church which is located at 22331 Woodward Avenue in Ferndale 3 blocks south of 9 mile on West side of Woodward. Tickets are available at the door for $15, Seniors/Students $10 or can be purchased online at

On Sunday, March 11th 12:00pm (sharp) to 2pm Masa will be conducting a hands-on workshop.  Space is limited, advanced reservation is required.   The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society presents its workshop series in a non-competitive environment and welcomes guitarists of all skill levels.  Students can register or request information by contacting the MFGS office at 248-646-4030.  Cost is $40.  The workshop will be held at the First United Methodist Church.

Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society is very pleased and privileged to present Masa Sumide to U.S. and Canadian audiences.  Masa is one of Japan’s most revered Fingerstyle guitarists.  His style can be described as funky, jazzy, percussive and even groovy.  This melding pot of influences and the way he presents it will leave the listener speechless.  Masa Sumide made an impressive debut in 1975 as a member of a three piece band called SIGNAL with the first single sold more than 800,000 copies in Japan.  Until the disbandment of the group in 1983 they continued to delight the fans with 14 singles and 7 albums, which were all published by major labels.  Masa changed his style to solo guitar after relocating to Australia in late 1996.  From then on he literally put his body and soul into honing his skill, trying to come up with a style of his own.  The end result is the unique one-man-band approach that is groovy, percussive, inventive and dazzling as well.  With an abundant supply of creative energy Masa has continued to release one album a year ever since he put out his first solo guitar album “Treadin’ Easy” in 1999.  The last CD “You are Gold” is his 8th.  There are also two albums (The Collection / Ain’t Life Grand) available in the USA through Solid Air Records. 

Masa Sumide is now based in Japan and is trying to spread the good word around on Fingerstyle guitar music.

Here's an interview with Masa Sumide posted on Solid Air Record's website.

Video Clips of Masa Sumide:

Hop, Step & Funk | That Feeling of Love

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