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Local Fingerstyle Events - Dakota Dave Hull

Dear Friends of MFGS

As you may know, the Antoine Dufour and Gareth Pearson Concert has been sold out.  So not to cause you to go into withdrawal we wanted you to know of another special event this weekend.

For our final concert of this Spring Season

Acoustic Eidelon Will be performing on April 27th at Trinity House Theatre. 
They are a unique duo of Joe Scott on double neck acoustic guitar and Hannah Alkire on cello.  This is a little different from straight fingerstyle guitar but after hearing them perform we wanted to bring them to the Detroit area to perform.   Tickets available online at

And our friends at the Michigan Classical Guitar Society

College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati
Workshop is July 8-14, 2013 (more information later).

Xuefei Yang, guitar, with Toledo Symphony. April 19 and 20

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JB Davies - Rick Haden - Mark Hawks - Jeb McIntyre - Dave Pierson - Ron Stavale

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