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Newsletter - Summer 2008 Edition


As we ramp up for our Fall 2008/Spring 2009 concert series we wanted to keep you up to date with some recent events occurring with MFGS.

First and foremost we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our outgoing board members & friends Rick Comiskey, Dan House & Dave Pierson. We are happy to hear that we will see them here for our concerts, workshops & picking parties. And we (speaking for you also) sincerely appreciated their volunteer efforts that have helped make MFGS as successful as we are today and blazed a path for our future.

JB Davies, Mark Hawks, Jeb McIntyre, Craig Porter & Jere Stormer will still remain on our board of directors.  Ron Stavale will assume the role as president and Kevin Tarnas will become the vice-president. This new board will continue to strive to present world class fingerstyle guitarists to you at our local venues, give you the opportunities to hone your guitar skills at the artists workshops & resume our tradition of picking parties to be held at various venues in Southeast Michigan. We also encourage you to consider volunteering your musical skills at our continuing community outreach programs.

We would like you to mark your calendars for our first two concerts upcoming this fall.  On September 20th we will be presenting Grammy Award Winner Ed Gerhard  who is returning to our stage for the third time!  Ed is one of those amazing guitarist who can draw so much emotion from his guitar while displaying such remarkable technical brilliance that he can drop jaws and create tears at the same time. Ed will sponsor a guitar workshop from 3pm-5pm the day of the show and his performance will be @ 7:30pm. 

On October 11th we present two rising stars in the world of fingerstyle guitar. From the stables of Candyrat records we are excited to announce that Craig D’Andrea & Antoine Dufour Craig and Antoine will perform solo and then some duets for us.  Craig & Antoine have toured solo and also  opened for, and played with Don Ross and Andy McKee. We feel these two amazing guitarists are following the career paths of Don & Andy and this  will be another remarkable evening of music. There will also be a workshop from 3-5pm the day of the show. 

Please stay tuned for our November concert to be announced soon and for further information on our upcoming events. We encourage you input and appreciate your support whether it be volunteering to help us at concert events or attending a concert workshop or picking party.  


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