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MFGS Concert Update & Survey



Please complete the following survey

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Dear Friends of MFGS

As you may know by now we have switched our venue to Callahan’s in Auburn Hills.  This was done for various reasons, partly due to the cost of the venue and also the work involved in tearing down the stage after the show. Being an all volunteer organization these were some of the factors that caused the change.

We also thought that Callahan’s offers an option of having dinner and drinks with friends prior to, or during the show.  The sound system at Callahan’s is very good and it is a fixed set up.  Both Rick Ratcliff from the Church and Pete at Callahan’s have received rave reviews from the performers so that was an even exchange. Although we raised ticket prices for 2 shows (California Guitar Trio & International Guitar Night due to the expense of multiple performers) our ticket prices have remained fixed at $20 and $15 for students and seniors.

As per our mission to promote Fingerstyle Guitar we pay all performers a  generous flat guaranteed fee and they receive a large percent of any money that is left over after the cost of the show/travel/hotels etc. MFGS does not make any money, in fact we have lost  money on most of our shows.

Now that we have had several performances under our belts at Callahan’s we would like your thoughts on our venue change and other thoughts you may have.  I will personally review all responses and all responding emails will have an opportunity to win one of 10 CD’s from various artists that have performed for us or some that our friend, Rob Poland, at Candyrat Records has donated to MFGS.   If you are not at our next show on April 16th then we will ship them to you at no cost.

This survey is meant for those who have attended one of our shows in the past, either at the First United Church, Callahan's or another venue. You may also complete the survey if you are considering attending a show in the future but please indicate that on the survey.

A synopsis of the responses will be posted after our next concert.

Please copy and paste the questions & your answers on to an email sent to


What city or zip code do you live in?


How many MFGS shows have you been to in the past?


Likes and dislikes about Callahan’s?  What would make you attend, or not attend a concert @ Callahan’s?  Is the fact that there is food and drinks a draw??


Likes and dislikes about First United Church?  What would make you attend, or not attend a concert @ the First United Church, or a similar type venue?


Is there a venue or location that you think would be better for MFGS?   Saying that, this means you would attend shows there!


Performers you would like to see at MFGS?


Do you think the pricing of our shows is fair?


If you attend picking parties sponsored by MFGS where is your favorite location or would you suggest a new one that you would attend.  Any other thoughts on picking parites.  


If you have attended a guitar workshop sponsored by MFGS is there anything you would suggest we change, considering this is for guitarists of all levels.


Would you be willing to post flyers at local coffee shops, stores etc?


Would you like to be more involved with MFGS?


Any other thoughts or comments you would like to share?


Thanks for your support


Ron Stavale

President, MFGS



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