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Tony McManus Workshop

On  Sunday, March 25th Tony will be conducting a hands-on workshop from 12:00pm(sharp) to 2pm.  Space is limited, advanced reservation is required.   The Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society presents its workshop series in a non-competitive environment and welcomes guitarists of all skill levels.  Students can register or request information by contacting the MFGS office at 248-646-4030.  Cost is $40.
Tony will be covering a bit of his background; why he's come to play the way he does. Tony will instruct the class to look at some of the right and left hand techniques he uses- ornamentation (hammer on, pull off etc.) rolls, cuts and grace notes, triplets using the ring, middle and index finger and also triplets using just the thumb. Additionally Tony will cover some percussive left hand stuff- frailing.
Tony will briefly cover various altered tunings such as; Dropped D, DADGAD, CGCGCD, CGDGCD, DAAEAE.   He will cover these tunings sufficiently so that those who want to delve deeper have the goods to go there.
Tony will also teach a tune in 9/8 time in DADGAD called Catherine Kelly's- a very accessible Irish slip jig.

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