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Great Music in Lansing and Saginaw!


Rick Udler in Concert In Saginaw and Lansing!
Brazilian Fingerstyle Guitar  with a dose of jazz & blues

April 19 @ 7:00 P.M.
The White Crow Conservatory of Music
3736 Mackinaw
Saginaw, Michigan
(989) 790- 2118
Tickets $10.00

April 18 @ 8:00 P.M.
Magdalena's Tea House
2006 E Michigan Ave.
Lansing, Michigan
(517) 487-1822
Tickets $12.00

Coloring his music with influences from his travels, critically-acclaimed guitarist & composer Rick Udler's playing is enriched with a lively mix of Brazilian rhythm, American blues and jazz, and even overtones of funk and ragtime.

With a sweet, delicate touch and swinging phrasing, Rick's style is heir to the famed Brazilian guitarists Paulinho Nogueira and Baden Powell, his most distinct influences. His latest release, Papaya, has received unanimous praise from the Brazilian and international press.


"Udler's disc is truly a gem. On Papaya, Rick Udler opens the window for us to enjoy his world of rich, deep and beautiful music."


"The excellent Papaya CD, (is) without a doubt, a significant contribution to world guitar literature."


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