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Cancellation of the Andy McKee Concert on 7/17/2010


It was with great regret that MFGS received word that the Andy McKee show on July 17th was canceled.  We have nothing but the highest regard for Andy's considerable talent and his obvious world-wide following.  Unfortunately there were several demands on our organization that we couldn’t accommodate, the most significant of which was Andy's cancellation of the planned guitar workshop,  which had been advertised on both our and Andy’s website for several months.

We are not promoters, and have no profit motive. We are an all volunteer non-profit organization that has existed for ten years now with the sole purpose of advancing the art of Fingerstyle guitar.  Prior to committing to host a performer we require that all performers agree to lead a workshop to allow our members to learn from the artist. We always give the artist 100% of the money collected from workshop attendees. Andy has done this for us twice in the past & he committed to lead one before this concert.  We, as well as the attendees, were looking forward to learning from him again as well.

Our organization sponsors six to seven concerts and workshops a year and never arranges these events in the summertime.  Our initial date of May was changed due to Andy's tour bookings and given our mutually appreciative history with Andy, we nonetheless were able to find a very popular replacement venue during the month of July. There was a mutual commitment for this performance and we tried to complete the contract negotiations.  We had hoped that the nominal remaining differences existing in the proposed contract could be bridged.

We intended no disrespect, condescension or insult to Andy. We regret that he feels otherwise and truly apologize to him for any distress this has caused him. We are disappointed that this issue was brought forth in a such a public manner and we have endeavored to speak directly with Andy, but have been unsuccessful. As such, we felt this public reply was necessary.

In the past ten years the MFGS has sponsored countless concerts for the world's most talented guitarists, hosted a similar number of artist workshops and have given back to our community by providing our musicianship on a not for profit basis. The majority of these artists are given accommodations in our homes and we do not take any percent of merchandising in order to support the artists. We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with the many gifted musicians who have played Detroit via our auspices. To our constituents, we apologize that this concert was canceled and will look forward to seeing you at our fall series. Note that Andy intends to play a concert in Ann Arbor in the fall and we will post its particulars at the appropriate time.

Thank you.
The MFGS Board of Directors

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